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Lucky Oil
Amafuta wenhlanhla abelungu umuti woku geze hlikhla
Woza Woza Manzi
Bheka Mina Ngedwa
Thikoloshi Salt
Blended Enyamazane
A Complete Blend Of Herbs,Barks And Fats Used For Burning During Meditation To Chase Bad Luck,Evil Spirits And Bad Dreams!
Itshe Abelungu (In Jar)
Wenhlanla U Muti Gquma-Chela Lucky Powder!
Amafuta Wenhlanla Abelengu
Umuti Woku Geze Hlikhla
Jabula Powder
Itshe Abelungu (Packets)
Wenhlanla U Muti Gquma-Chela
Sita Baloi
Doepa Mnyama
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